Monday, January 08, 2007

Minted lamb dinner

THE Barmy Army farewell party took place at the Bristol Hotel on Sussex Street and was a pretty mad occasion. It began with Chippenham Ben leading us on a merry dance around half of Sydney thanks to a map that I am sure he was holding upside down. When we got there the fun really began. Many of the Five Testers were there, along with Harry, our former work experience lad, Watford mascot Harry the Hornet and girlfriend Vicky. It was an occasion for getting heavily drunk, saying farewells, exchanging phone numbers and e-mail addresses and taking lots of photos.
At last I managed to track down tour rep Katie, who made good on her promise by providing me with two free shirts, including a little Barmy Army top for the Vin Man, who will get that as a late Christmas present.
We also played a game dreamed up by the Designer where everyone gets a number and has to dance solo to whatever song is on when their number comes up. Quite a laugh.
There was a little bit of shenanighans involving an Aussie who decided to throw a punch at the Designer, but when it was all sorted out we decided it was time to call it a night.

Yesterday was a do-nothing day. The Designer and I spent most of the time lazing around our apartment watching The Simpsons and anything else that came on. I took the opportunity to visit our favourite eatery, Flamez, and returned with a Minted Lamb dinner, including honey roasted veggies and roast spuds. Lovely. Later in the evening the Blackburn twins Howard and Mark popped in with Liane, Scouse Grant and Watford Pete for a last farewell.
Many, including the Blackburn contingent and the Designer, leave today but I am here another night.
That's fine but as of now the Barmy Army has still to confirm that they have kept my room on for an extra night. This on-going saga is just about doing my head in.
Apparently Npower are now involved with the bookings. Let's hope there are no more cock-ups and delays, but I wouldn't like to bet on it.

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