Friday, June 08, 2007

Advanced Australian Fayre

IT'S about time I said "hello cobbers" to all my Australian readers, and particularly a big thank you to Kitchen Hand, who has her own version of What I Cooked Last Night on the Blogosphere. I feel extremely proud that my drinking, cooking and generally debauched adventures have proved to be entertaining enough to bring me international fame. Most of my Down Under readership (well, there were five or six who took the time to look on these pages, it seems) complained the print was too small. Sorry about that, guys, but being a complete technophobe I will have to ask my resident IT expert (Withers, believe it or not) if he can sort something out.
Other than that, I don't know how far Kitchen Hand and Co have read back into my dim and distant blogging past but they will probably be interested to know about my two months touring Oz with that ragtag bunch of cricket fans known as the Barmy Army. As I understand it I also featured with my mate the Kitchen Designer on some programme called Bondai Rescue. I'm still waiting for it to appear over here. Anyway, thanks again for reading. If anyone wants to check out Kitchen Hand she's on

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kitchen hand said...

Thanks, Rippers. I'm a bloke, by the way.