Thursday, April 10, 2008

A broken record

Well, life is going pretty well on the happy hub, apart from the fact I am getting into work at half past sparrow fart and leaving at about midnight. Even my exertions are beaten by Nicey, however, who is a walking zombie at the moment, has forgotten where he lives and doesn't even know how to get out of the office any more.
But the website seems to be working wonderfully well with the cast of thousands now ploughing stuff onto it. We've got videos, picture galleries and lots of stories to entertain the readers. Perhaps the best one, though, is the tale that will never see the light of day in any of the Meeja Wales outlets.
On Wednesday we sent out our intrepid video guru Jamie "Lee" Cuff to visit a Cardiff City fan of indeterminate age who had told us of an old 78 record he owned which marked the 1927 cup final, which all Bluebirds fans will tell you was the time they won the FA Cup.
It was the first time, also, that Abide With Me was sung at a Wembley final and, shock of shocks, this old gent owned a recording of the very moment when the thousands of fans at the game broke into the famous hymn.
The kindly old guy lent us his disk on the basis that we could play it over the web. Unfortunately things didn't quite go to plan.
Having handed Jamie Lee his treasured possession, the keen upstart held it gingerly in his hand and walked away. Unfortunately he was holding the sleeve upside down. The record slipped out and, on contact with the pavement, received a rather large dent. Poor Jamie Lee was in torment.
Unfortunately, he didn't receive the same kind of sympathy from his colleagues.
Picture Editor Rob "a job?" Norman told a packed conference with a glint in his eye: "We've changed all our ring tones to the theme tune from record breakers."
The swines!

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