Thursday, January 22, 2009

Roasted Cockerels

OH what an evening's entertainment we had last night. Popping into the O'Neill's bar just around the corner from work we settled in for an enjoyable night watching Spurs take on Burnley in the second leg of the Carling Cup semi-final at Turf Moor.
It doesn't sound like the most thrilling evening out, I have to admit. But if you are in the company of mad Tottenham fans Wathanovski and Danny Boy 'the Poipes, the Poipes' it certainly gets interesting - particularly when Spurs throw away a three goal lead from the first leg against their impoverished opponents.
At first Wathanovski and the Poipes were quite chipper. Tottingham were on their way to Wembley, as former White Hart Lane favourite Ossie Ardiles once sang. But gradually their enthusiasm seeped away as first their goalkeeper was completely beaten by a near post free kick. Into the second half and Spurs were on the back foot, Wathanovski and the Poipes shouting at the screen, urging their idols into some kind of action.
Next thing you knew their defence folded like a collapsible deckchair again and it was 2-0 to Burnley. Surely the unthinkable couldn't happen.
Oh yes it could. With minutes to go it was 3-0 to Burnley and the scorn was pouring forth from Wathanovski's mouth. The manager Harry Redknapp was in the firing line, as well as Welsh superkid Gareth Bale. "We're going to lose this, we are terrible," they were shouting while the rest of us jigged around. The face of the Poipes, leaning forlornly against the cigarette machine, had gone the colour of the Burnley shirts, Claret with embarrassment.
Three minutes to go in extra time and Spurs were on the way out of the tournament and Wathanovski was wishing he hadn't booked that Wembley day out after all. But their mood changed when one of the subjects of their ire, Pavlichenko, grabbed a goal to send them ahead. Suddenly they were jumping around the table singing, laughing and dancing. When Spurs made it 5-3 on aggregate they insisted the result had never been in doubt.
Of course, we knew different.

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