Friday, July 23, 2010

Lite bytes

Standing around enjoying a few lunchtime shandies in the Batman, the subject turned to the history of computer games. My esteemed colleagues Leethal, Adders, Critch and Barry the (page) Builder were all quick to extole the virtues of those wonderful early days when you could gun down advancing space invaders or gobble up luminous pacmen.
In fact Leethal, a tyrant for the trivial, informed us that Pacmen had made so much for its inventors that they actually bought a Las Vegas Casino with the proceeds.
Then the subject turned to the consoles themselves, and which ones they had owned during their early days of geekdom. Words like Sega Megadrive, Atari and Commadore 64 were bandied about with gay abandon as our competitive clique tried to outdo each other.
I, on the other hand, fell into a sullen silence, realising that at no stage had I EVER owned a computer or games console of my own. In fact, I don't now. The laptop I use at home is one I bought for Mrs Rippers on her birthday a few years ago.
When I revealed this to the gathered crew it was greeted with a stunned silence.
Tumbleweeds rolled through the bar area until Critch broke the awkward moment.
"Luddite!" he declared.
No arguments there... but I won't be promoting this dubious claim to fame in any interview for online jobs that might arise.

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