Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Indian paneer chicken curry

OUR posse and Brammy's brainwashed mob are now at loggerheads over the term Wednesday Club. The little rotund one seems to forget that the name was first coined when he worked for us and we all toddled off to The Yard on a Wednesday. Brammy, meanwhile, went up to the Boar's Backside on his lonesome, on account of the fact he had wangled a student discount on his beer. While there he ended up chatting to a number of nincompoops and ne'er-do-wells and was often found shooting the breeze with two old tossers (literally, by the look of them).
Regularly we Wales on Sunday groundbreakers had a quorum - it was THE place to be on a Wednesday. Sometimes things went on well into the evening and, admittedly, when we got a bit inebriated we tended to drop in at the Boar's for a bit of Brammy baiting before bedtime. Still, that was off the agenda... you couldn't class that as official Wednesday club business.
Imagine my shock when Keri the worst copytaker in the world sent a text message to the Fab BB the other day inviting him to "Wednesday Club" at the Old Scroat, Keri not even being a member of that fine establishment. Then only today Bram sent out a text announcing that "Wednesday Club" was in the Model at 5.30pm. Since when did he decide the venue for a club which has yet to accept him into its bosom?
I'm afraid the battle lines have been drawn.
This is war.

Withers, always trying to play down such serious matters, has actually pointed out that there has been a Wednesday Club for the Performing Arts, apparently the oldest continuously operating music organization in the United States, since May 17, 1882. It was for charitable and educational purposes. Well, this aint the same. Our club is more involved in the business of getting extremely drunk and talking b*ll*cks.
As they say in that famous film The Highlander, "There can be only one".

Meanwhile, Becks took the opportunity on his last-ever boozeday Tuesday to come out with what must merit an A-plus in the talking b*ll*cks stakes. Discussing his music faves the Lightning Seeds he suggested that their "best of" selection was comparable to anyone's in the world ever. "The Beatles, Becks?"
"Yeh, even The Beatles".
Top b*ll*cks, mate.

The wonderful Withers, meanwhile, was so put out by some old biddy who sat on the table next to him in the Yard, called him "baldy" and pointed out that he looked a tight git, that he actually went and bought a round costing just under £20. I wish my insults had that same effect.

Last night got in and watched a superb Champions League semi-final between Man United and AC Milan which United won 3-2 after being 2-1 down at half time. Two top goals from Rooney sealed the game. While I watched I enjoyed a curry made with Paneer cheese and cooked chicken.
What you do:
TO MAKE THE SAUCE: put six red chillis and two green chillis in a blender and add 2 cloves garlic and a chunk of garlic. Mix, then fry up with a red onion, add six or seven chopped vine tomatoes. Simmer and continue to stir. Add fenugreek leaves (if you have them) or Fenugreek powder.

FOR THE STIR FRY: Fry onion, garlic, peppers and a couple of chillis. Add paneer cheese and then the sauce. When all mixed in add lumps of chicken and cook for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring only occasionally. Near end add a big bunch of ripped up coriander. Serve with rice.

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