Friday, May 09, 2008

Freezer jolly good fellow

IT seems that everyone but we executive editors - the undisputed boozing champs of Meeja Wales - have been walking around with big beaming smiles on their faces and barrels of beer tucked under their arms. Apparently they have all been given a "bribe" by the new Cardiff micro brewery Zero Degrees, which opens its doors next week. At least the Prince and I have been invited to the Grand Opening, along with the other million Meeja Wales journos in the building.
Not every recipient of this contraband has been smiling, though. Paps looked distinctly mopey the other day having dropped his barrel on the floor. He now fears that if he opens it, the thing might explode and cover his kitchen with beer.
But it's not what he did that amuses me, but how this terrible accident came about. When Paps relayed his story there was a gasp from his attentive audience.
"Well, there I was, you know, hoovering the fridge..." What? "Everyone does it," he assured us, looking around the stunned faces.
Actually Paps maybe it's something that caught on in one of those northern towns like Lincoln you like to witter on about, but in all my thousands of years on this planet I have NEVER heard of anyone hoovering their fridge. Washing it out with a bit of bicarb, maybe, but getting out the Dyson and sweeping it across the remnants of Tuesday's chicken curry? Sorry, it just doesn't wash.

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