Saturday, August 23, 2008


THE infamous Morticia left our coven on Friday to try to make her way in the big smoke, so we had a farewell do in Pica Pica (or pikey pikey as the former Ego people like to call it). Everything went pretty well until the Fugitive decided it was time to go all Mexican on us and returned to me with a pint of lager and a rather scary looking Tequila-based drink called a Mojita. Of course, I had to return the compliment and... well... I don't remember anything else to be perfectly honest.

Interesting conversation in the office today with Sarah 'not guilty' Me Lud telling us about her rather strange approach to vegetarianism.
Monsieur De Le Busier let it slip that, amazingly despite his ultra-posh upbringing, he had never eaten caviar before. He then signalled to Me Lud and suggested: "I bet you have eaten caviar though, haven't you Sarah?"
"Of course not!" she replied, horrified. "I am a vegetarian."
To which our other veggie, The Wonderful Withers formerly of WoS, spluttered into his coffee and responded: "But you eat meat!"
"Only sometimes," Me Lud answered, rather perplexingly.

The Style Nazi is a crafty old fellow. After being asked politely by the Boss to change a WoS graphic for the third time he humped and grumped and looked pretty p***ed off, to be honest.
But while we were watching he managed to complete this rather time-consuming iritating job... in about five seconds! If he hadn't done all the moaning it would have been much quicker.
Note to self: Keep an eye on this one. If we had walked away and left him to it I am sure he could have stretched the job out for two hours.
He had his comeuppance again on Friday, as a matter of fact. The Style Nazi circulated an all-users E Mail ranting on about how he bought a clean tea towel in every day and that he was fed up with other people making use of it in the kitchen area, leaving it all wet and that.
This stroppy missive obviously struck a chord with some of the pranksters around us, including our photo guru stormin' Rob Norman.
When the Nazi arrived for work at 1pm the next day he found his chair, desk and monitor covered in every shade of tea towel you could imagine. Nice one!

By the way I thought I was still dreaming today. At 5pm the scores came through: Bristol Rovers 6 Hereford United 1. Now Smashy, though mainly a rugby fan, has a soft spot for the Bulls. I had to remind him that just to please him they had obviously reverted to rugby at half time, hence the number of points we put on the board!

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