Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Legal Sea Foods

During our trip we have come across our favourite restaurant without a doubt. It is called Legal Sea Foods and is down in the harbour. The Clam chowder is to die for and we returned yesterday to try a few different things.
As a started we shared the hot crab dip, which was fantastic, and afterwards I had shrimp and garlic, which was done in a creamy sauce with linguine. Mouthwatering. Wren had the lobster rob, which was the special of the day, and a large glass of Sangria. No complaints there, too.
Can't say I'm overthrilled with the beers though. They are all "lite" beers like Coors (which is weak as water) and Miller, not so bad but I wouldn't drink it at home. The Sam Adams isn't up to much, God knows why they named one of their most famous patriots after such an ordinary pint!
Anyway, to keep you up to date. We took a train trip out to Cape Anne on Saturday and spent the day in Rockport. It was appropriate that on the way back, our first day of filthy rain, the leftovers of tropical storm Hanna, that we should travel through Gloucester, home of the tropical storm.
Rockport was a very twee, antiquee little town but nice to browse around and have lunch. We got back early evening and after the late night before stopped in to watch baseball and have a picnic tea.
Sunday we went on a search for the Museum of Bad Arts in Forest Hills, only to find that the buses only ran every hour. Then we looked for the arboretum and had a long trek around without any luck.
We did, however, discover the whereabouts of Brendan Behan's on the bus back and expect to pay it a visit before the end of the week.
In the evening we went to the local cinema, Coolidge Corner in Brookline, which was lovely - a little old independent theatre with real tradition. We saw the new Woody Allen film Vicky Christina Barcelona. For the Prince's benefit, it was excellent with star performances from Penelope Cruz as the wild ex-wife of Javier Bardem, who was on top form too and quite different from his portrayal of the hit man in No Country For Old Men. Worth a look.

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