Friday, June 11, 2010

Chile reception

Having a drink in the Batman on Thursday (the Batman being the new nickname for the "Cape" Horner in Wapping - can't think why) and it got around to quiz time.
One of our number warned us first that there were three answers and we had to get all three before hitting the imaginery "buzzer" and giving our reply. A race against time, then.
With the World Cup about to start in South Africa, all conversation has turned to football and our betting guru, Lethal, was convinced he could catch us out.
"Which three teams at the World Cup," he asked in his best Magnus Magnusson voice, "have the same letter at the beginning of their name as the end of it?"
Good question and there were fevered brows all around. I must admit that I could only think of one at first, then the second one came to me and I knew I was leading the race.
Then from nowhere Spurs fanatic Barry the Page-Builder buzz interrupted my train of thoughts. "Got it," he said with complete certainty. "Chile..."
All heads turned to him, with baffled expressions. "Oh no! That could only happen if it was Chile FC!" he gasped, as reality dawned.
To avoid spoiling it for everyone, answers on a postcard please... you'll get the correct line up in the next blog entry.

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