Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Welcome to What I Cooked Last Night

Hello my name's rippers and welcome to my new blog, What I Cooked Last Night.
Many people have a cliched view of sports journalists. They think we spend all our time watching sport, talking sport, dreaming sport, thinking sport, drinking sport, acting macho and trying to impress the ladies and failing miserably. Fair enough, that's 99 per cent of it.
But there is a new breed of sports journalist materialising. They use moisturisers, discuss the best "products" on the market, exfoliate, go to bed early, spend an inordinate amount of time keeping fit and care deeply about the environment. But that's enough about Rosey... he can write his own blog. This is mine.
It is fair to say, though, that the Wales on Sunday sports desk has taken recently to discussing the mysteries of cooking. Rather than the grunts, groans and expletives associated with exponents of our art, my colleagues and I can often be heard in conversation about the delicatessen counter at Sainsbury's or the nutritional values of the butternut squash (a favourite of ours).
A typical conversation might be:
"Hey, I tried some water chestnuts with mange tout and garlic last night"
"What was it like?"
"Very nice, I'll send you the recipe on e mail"
On that theme, I will be using this blog to tell the world what I cooked the previous night. Sometimes it might be my world-famous meatballs. Another day it may be Chairman Mao's favourite meal. It just depends how the fancy takes me.
A whole world of culinary experiences awaits... and there may even be butternut squash along the way.

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