Saturday, September 16, 2006

prawn sandwiches a la Roy Keane

12.25am and myself and the Robot are still toiling away, waiting for the last editions of the paper to arrive to check for any errors. I'm dead on my feet - it's been a busy day. I was planning to heat up the remaining butternut squash when I got home tonight, but I don't imagine I should really be eating that at 1.30 in the morning. Much earlier had a nice Carbonara arf and arf from the House of Lard, and at about 6.30 Nickers offered to do an M&S run for prawn sandwiches. We're right posh here, we are...

The voice of God, meanwhile, has been stuffing himself with Polish food over the last few days for some kind of "research" item. Apparently the local Polish-run deli is doing remarkable business since migrant workers from Eastern Europe started arriving in Cardiff. Some of the other staff aren't too happy, though. Nate stormed out of the office because he couldn't stand the smell.
Since the Voice went home, Robot has been tucking into his stash of food, thinking it's all freebies he's obtained for use in the feature. Haven't the heart to tell him the Pumpkin Seeds are strictly the Voice's own choice of snack.

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