Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A fabulous bakin' boys yoghurt bar

IT appears Becks, fretting over his next career move, may be ready to switch professions. We had an inkling of this daring move on Boozeday Tuesday in The Yard.
The young high-flyer gave us a pretty strong indication of his thought processes with an impromptu demonstration as he got up to leave the pub. Swivelling like a modern-day Nureyev, he proceded to throw himself against the pub's picture window with abandon before steadying himself and walking out as if nothing had happened. It left us with a lot to ponder about - are they already seeking stunt doubles for the next James Bond film, I wonder? On the other hand, were four pints of 45 a little bit too much to handle before 3pm on a school day?

Withers and I opted for a bit of adventure after tiring of the familiar surroundings of The Yard. We eyed our options carefully: O'Neills, City Arms, even the Goat Major. Then I came up with a masterstroke - the Rummer Tavern. Two pints later, and feeling even more daring again, I suggested a trip to the Park Vaults. All well and good until we discovered it was shut. So we marched across the road to a very posh boozer in Churchill Way to round off a splendid afternoon. Only drawback was the loss of my England v Australia Boxing Day Test match cap. If I can find the pub again, I shall return to reclaim it later.
I got home with every intention of buying a takeaway, but instead slumped on the bed and promptly fell asleep. It was 11 by the time I woke and dared to peak at Sky Sports News. Then came the moment I had dreamed of - in fact for a moment I thought I was still asleep: Bristol Rovers 1 Bristol City 0. The Gas are off to the Millennium! Promptly rang my mate Haydn, who was obviously fast asleep, and left him a ranting message about how this was best day of my life etc, etc. I was so excited I didn't sleep until about 3 am.
During all that time all I'd had to eat was a bakin' boy oats bar from the local garage.

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