Thursday, February 07, 2008

Italian sausages with roasted vegetables

IT'S called "Doing A Withers" and it seems to have become the latest craze. All you have to do is embarrassingly slip over after a few drinks, bang your head and knock yourself out. And to do it properly you must, of course, lose a few teeth for the cause. Whatever, it seems to be more popular these days than that old dance craze The Bump... or even the Wonderful One's own favourite Agadoo (him being a former drummer with Black Lace).
This week we were supposed to be getting reinforcements from our sister paper the Sarf Wales Eggo, but on Tuesday the message came through: "You were going to get Laura Wright, but she fell over and concussed herself on Saturday night."
Further investigation revealed that the young hackette managed to "trip over a laptop" after a rather enthusiastic night celebrating a colleague's birthday - it just happening to co-incide with the day Wales proved themselves the greatest rugby nation on the planet (or so you would think: actually, they only beat England again, but let's not spoil the party for the poor dabs).

Danny Boy (The Poipes, The Poipes) has just returned from a stag night in Barcelona and was caught off guard on Tuesday. Having only landed a few hours earlier on the plane he wasn't quite tuned in when The Voice began droning on in his ultra-deep style, as he is wont to do on occasion. All Danny Boy managed to register was a reference to "the brothel story".
"How the hell do you know about that?" screamed the Poipes, realising too late that The Voice was not referring to his own stag night shenanigans but, rather, the story the deep-voiced one had done last week on some of Cardiff's ladies of the night.
Bet he wished he hadn't Poiped up now. Questions will be asked in the house - hope he's got a good lawyer.

Good old Shuttsy was back on the manor this week, holding court in The Yard about his fab new job on the Beeb. Not being the most technical of animals, however, methinks the giant one is finding some of the gadgetry a bit hard to master. I'm sure he will get to grips with it soon.

On Tuesday night, after a Boozeday Tuesday with Smashy - who was fresh back from a skiing freebie in Finland - The Prince and The Wonderful One, I opted for Italian sausages with roasted vegetables.
What I did was this:
Chopped up potato and celeriac into chunks, together with a red and green pepper, three green chillis, a sliced onion and chopped carrots and celery. I drizzled olive oil over this and put it into an oven already heated at 180 degrees.
After half an hour I added four Italian sausages (bought specially from Whalley's Deli) gave the dish a stir and added salt and some pepper. I cooked that for another 40 minutes then sliced Halloumi cheese over the top and roasted that for another 20 mins.
Then I served it all up in one glorious, roasted mess. Lucious.

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