Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day chocs

Danny Boy (the poipes, the poipes) is an old romantic. The night before Valentine's Day he was seen sneaking off home with arms piled high with flowers, presents and all manner of goodies for the Solicitor. It warms the cockles of the heart.
Then we discovered the reason. Apparently Danny Boy went missing on Sunday in a tour of Cardiff hostelries that began at around lunchtime and finished in the early hours of Monday morning. At one stage the love of his life sent him a text message: "You're in the spare room tonight."
No wonder the Poipes feels he has a bit of making up to do in the love stakes.

Meanwhile, it's been a pretty quiet week. Fortunately Thirsty Thursday attracted a quorom of members with Smashy, the Prince of Darkness, the Fugitive, the Wonderful One, The Poipes and yours truly enjoying a good night in the Yard. The evenings festivities went on long after I was tucked up in bed. Sadly, I can recall very little to report from these events apart from the fact that Withers has a new set of teeth that fit much better, I am pleased to say.

The Voice of God has, apparently, been having nightmares. He woke in a cold sweat the other morning, dreaming that he had mistreated his pet snake. Terrible thing.

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