Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meatfeast jacket potato and gravy

WOW, things don't come in halves in my life. Having got married and landed a new job, it seems that Wren and I have now secured a new house. It's a little cottage in a village called Stapleton just outside Bristol and it is absolutely fab. We have managed to land it at what I would regard a bargain price, too, but have a look for yourselves on this link:
Believe it or not, the sellers want us to complete the exchange by July 21, which is less than a month away. It will all depend on banks and solicitors, but it is all very exciting stuff.

Meanwhile, the Prince of Darkness has, not surprisingly, sold his soul. Well, not quite accurate, really. It's more a case that he is actually in danger of losing his sole. The unearthly one's winkle picker boots are threatening to fall apart after he scuffed them while dragging young virgins through the ghostly backstreets on his way from one den of iniquity to the other. The sole has now completely detached but, with the Prince a bit strapped for cash, he is having to put up with the indignity for now.

Just before I leave the wonderful world of Meeja Wales, I have finally found a suitable substitute for the office canteen. It is a caravan outside Cardiff Station which sells all manner of delicious meals - like Roast Pork with jacket potato, gravy and stuffing. Scrummy.
The Prince has been hobbling over there regularly for his full-on breakfast baguette, but I didn't realise all the culinary delights it had to offer. Yesterday, for instance, I had a meatfeast jacket potato which contained pork, beef, chicken and stuffing - all covered in thick globs of gravy. Smashing.

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