Monday, December 04, 2006

Aussie 100 per cent beef burger

STANDING in the bar at the Cathedral yesterday I got chatting to a bloke called Paul who is out here with his 80-year-old dad. Turns out he's from Rhwbina in Cardiff and works for Lloyds Bank. He also knows my former account manager Nicola so we immediately had something in common.
He goes home after the Adelaide Test and, as a Cardiff City fan, he is eager to get home quickly - apparently they haven't scored a goal since he came away!
He said he has never bought the WoS but will be getting one as soon as he gets home, so by my reckoning that means I am doing valuable work for the newspaper and should be paid for my exploits.
Also met Mark, who runs a pub in Anglesey and sports a Travis Bickle haircut. Nice bloke, but gets a hell of a lot of stick from his Mrs every time he bangs the advertising boards or shouts his support of the England team. They are like George and Mildred, and it is all highly amusing.
Went to PJs last night where I met up again with Harry. The boy might not be a journalist yet but I am sure he will do well. he is king of the blaggers and almost talked his way onto the England coach yesterday. He also reckons he met one of Freddie Flintoff's mates who gave him the England captain's mobile, home and Aussie mobile numbers! We'll see if they work.
Harry also told me he had been on the Getty Images website and there are about five pics of me singing my heart out with the Barmy Army. Think I'll take a look after this entry.
This is our last day in Adelaide, then it is on to Perth tomorrow lunchtime. That will be like a holiday within a holiday, with no cricket to watch for six or seven days. Enough time to get some whale watching done hopefully and to catch up on the laundry.
Yesterday I didn't eat much, but had a nice 100 per cent beefburger at the ground. Tonight, though, I've booked into a restaurant where the steaks look wonderful. Hopefully we will be celebrating an England win, but I won't hold my breath.

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