Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A meat and curry pie

WE had dramas on Monday night. During the day myself, the Designer, Watford Pete, Scouse Gerry and the AnaestheologistMalc took a train to Cottesloe Beach. It was a beautiful setting.
We larked around in the sea for a while, then the Designer went and bought a beach cricket set so we had a 10 minute game, ending up absolutely shattered trying to run around in the heat across extremely soft sand. We needed a beer after that.
Lunch was an enjoyable Taster plate which contained crab balls, prawns, salami, dipping sauce and a host of other delights, then it was back on the train to the hotel.
That was when the bug struck the Designer. While I was baking hot, realising that perhaps the wind at Cottesloe had managed to disguise the strength of the Sun too much and starting to resemble a lobster, the Designer was shivering, climbing into bed with all the covers on and complaining of feeling terrible.
I went to reception and a helpful member of staff called Nancy explained that she had first-aid training and could take a look. She said the Designer's pulse was too high and so was his temperature. After explaining he had a stopover in Thailand on the way to Oz, the fears increased. Could it be malaria?
Having organised a fishing trip for early the next morning, though, he was adamant he didn't want to spend the night in hospital. Thankfully by around midnight he was sat up in bed, watching TV and insisting he felt much better.

SLEPT in yesterday, then had a couple of drinks with Malc in the Brass Monkey, a pretty good bar with a cocktail lounge (Bloody Mary's to die for) and any beer you care to name. We had a couple of Krony's and it was just like Boozy Tuesday back on WoS, but without the Prince of Darkness.
Then I jumped on board a train to Hillary harbour to meet the Designer off the fishing boat and visit the Aquarium. It was excellent, walking through a long tunnel and watching Nurse sharks, giant rays and peculiar looking fish passing around and above us.
On returning I went off to the Legends cricket game at the WACA. There were 15,000 fans there to see the likes of Mike Gatting, Robin Smith, Dennis Lillee and Merv Hughes perform in a 20/20 game. And at last England won something, thanks mainly to a brilliant innings by Graham Thorpe (why's he not still playing for England?)
Followed that with a trip to the Shag where I again bumped into Malc. He was steaming, having been on a River cruise with some of the Barmy boys who had just arrived after DRIVING all the way from Adelaide.
Later I hooked up with the Three Brummies, great lads that I met for the first time. We got a taxi back to the hotel.
It was then I realised I had only eaten a meat and curry pie all day. Unfortunately all the restaurants are shut here by 10. I toyed with the idea of a Domino Pizza, but in the end tiredness took over. A good day, all in all.

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Matt Withers said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying your sojourn down under, Rippers. But I direct you to the following book which, were you back in Wales, we'd club together and buy you for Christmas: