Sunday, December 24, 2006

A mixed kebab plate

THE last couple of days have been pretty quiet on the lead-up to Christmas. A lot of the shops were closed in Melbourne yesterday but I did manage to find a restaurant open just around the corner from our hotel, where I had a mixed kebab plate including Chicken, Lamb and Shish. Had a pretty lazy day after that, though last night the Designer and I went down to the Turf Bar a couple of hundred yards down the road and managed to beat off allcomers, including Watford Pete and Scouse Grant, at pool. We also claimed "The Ashes" 2-0 when we wiped the floor with a pair of cocky Aussies.
Then we went back to the hotel where around 10 of us watched the football and played cards in Olly and Greg's room a couple of floors below.
This morning we got up to watch Watford Pete play cricket for the Barmy Army. It's not the warmest of temperatures in Melbourne and by 5 this afternoon I was freezing. Mind you, it certainly didn't seem like summer watching a cricket match in T shirt and shorts.
Pete, meanwhile, had enough after fielding for about 15 minutes and sneaked off the pitch without anyone noticing, choosing instead to drink a couple of beers before sneaking off back to the hotel. I reckon he was a bit miffed because no one asked him to bowl.
There are loads of Brits invading Melbourne at the moment and Christmas Eve night is likely to be chaos, not to mention tomorrow's Xmas Day barbecue. Should be fun though.

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