Monday, December 11, 2006

medium rump steak in pepper sauce

WE took a train to Freemantle yesterday for what is commonly known in Perth as the Sunday Sesh. This is where the locals go out for the day and slowly get bladdered in the sunshine.
Some of the boys mistakenly thought it was a trip to the beach and brought along towels, cossies etc. Others of us who had read the guidebooks were a bit wiser.
It was a real eye opener. The Little Creatures is Perth's equivalent of the Cardiff Brewery Quarter apart from the fact that it is one massive bar with huge chrome vats of beer. You get your drink poured straight from the vats.
Inside it was amazing to see around 30 Santa Clauses drinking away. This was their way of making money for charity. No walking 25km here, just stand in the pub, sing a couple of carols and collect the cash.
After Little Creatures we moved on to the Ship and Anchor for another couple of bevvies, returning quietly inebriated on the 4.30 train. An enjoyable day out.

The Designer and I have both been struggling. I've had a dodgy stomach and he woke up today with full-blown flu. I just had a quiet night in the hotel in the evening, enjoying a steak with Scouser Gerry. The Designer, meanwhile, got up at 2 to watch the Chelsea-Arsenal game, only to find that all the boozers were shut. How very dare they!?

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