Saturday, November 04, 2006

Jacket potato with bacon and tomato sauce

EVANS is back in Cardiff (oh, be still my heart). And next week she is on a mission.
Now a mission for Evans normally involves visiting a full range of the finest hostelries to partake of their sweetest strongbow, followed by a visit to a nightclub or after-hours drinking joint. It normally ends up with an urgent need for medical attention after bruising knees, breaking elbows or some such incomprehensible injury.
But before she accuses me of the worst kind of libel I would like to point out that these are not necessarily alcohol-related mishaps, it's just that the girl is the most accident-prone person I know.
(did I get away with that? I think so, phew!)
Anyway, she was telling me about this mission last night and I must admit I was gobsmacked.
You see Evans likes children - but says she couldn't eat a whole one. Sorry about the old joke but, let's put it another way, her maternal instincts aren't the most dominant aspect of her personality.
Her editor has obviously decided to change all that. So next week Evans flies out with a team of aid-workers to visit Bulgarian orphans. Much as I would like to imagine it, I don't think she will be "doing a Madonna" and bringing one home for keeps.

Sometimes when you've little in the fridge at night it's time to experiment. Jacket Potatoes are always easy so last night I put one in the microwave - on full power 7 mins one side a quick flip and 6 mins the other.
While that was doing I chopped up a shallot and some bacon. First I fried the shallot until it softened, then added the bacon and continued to fry. Next I added some tinned tomatoes I had left in the fridge, added some black pepper and a small dash of double cream.
I then put the cooked jacket under a medium hot grill to crisp the outside, cut it open, added a bit of margerine and topped it with the bacon mixture and some parmigian cheese. Just right for a cold winter's night.

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