Wednesday, November 22, 2006

too many continental breakfasts

WENT to Fat Kid heaven yesterday, otherwise known as the Mall of the Emirates. It was a great piece of advice from the Genius and I got a taxi there to see the most opulent shopping centre in the world. Surrounded by Gucci, Armani, Ralph Lauren I felt a bit out of place, particularly as when I arrived in Dubai my suitcase was in transit for Brisbane. Hope it turns up.
Ended up having to buy a cheap t-shirt and pants as I was beginning to pong a bit after six hours on a plane and the heat of the Dubai sun in the afternoon.
Up at 5am this morning for the rest of the journey to Brisbane, and blogging now from Singapore airport while we refuel. Another note on Dubai, the taxi drivers are mental and they have all seen too many American films. Mine raised a finger and shouted "F*** u" at all the people he cut up on the way from the Mall to the hotel.
Also I saw someone who looked remarkably like Charlotte Church advertising phone sex lines in Dubai. Wonder if she knows.
No doubt the Boss is ecstatic about Celtic's win over Man U, glad I am so far away. The mobile is staying off.
Didn't manage to meet the Genius. Somehow she ended up in another Emirate and couldn't find her way back. No surprise, considering that the traffic is diabolical.
Dubai ok but you need a few days there - particularly if you like shopping. The imitation ski slope in the Mall was surreal. Everyone dressed up in thick ski costumes in imitation snow with the weather approaching 100 degrees outside.
Anyway, the plane is boarding, so on to the Ashes!

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