Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nachos with chilli and guacamole

AT last those crowing Aussies aren't quite so full of themselves. England had a good day batting and I reckon a lot of it was down to me and the Kitchen Designer.
Leaving the Gabba at lunchtime with England in trouble we made the short trip to the Chalk Bar, a massive boozer which resembles Dr Who's tardis in the fact it is much larger inside than it looks from the outside.
While there we got talking to a guy called Alastair, originally from Devon but now living and working in Brisbane. And soon we were so comfortable in our surroundings that we decided to delay our return to the ground on watch on the big screen at the bar with a few cold VB's to help us relax.
Cue an England fightback, first with Alastair Cook and Paul Collingwood, and then with Collingwood and Kevin Pietersen putting together two determined partnerships. It felt wrong to leave the bar with England doing so well - neither of us wanted to jinx their progress.
As the VB's kicked in so did the hunger, so we ordered some nachos to go with them. Very nice, a huge platefull each which I couldn't finish.
When we returned to the ground I joined the Kitchen Designer in his section, which was where the main Barmy Army crowd, including Jimmy, the long haired bloke with the big St George's Cross hat, had gathered. The banter between the Brits and the Aussies was brilliant, even more so when the Aussies actually found their sense of humour and spotted a member of the "Fun" police who looked remarkably like Chuck Norris. We all joined in with the "Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris..." chant. The member of the constabulary looked totally embarrassed by this but acknowledged the chants to huge applause.

The police haven't been all fun here, hence the nickname. They have confiscated a number of beachballs from the crowd like sniffy headmasters trying to punish naughty pupils. It added to the fun when about three of them tried to grab hold of an inflatable doll in an Aussie section of the crowd and it ended up like a highly amusing game of piggy in the middle. The whole crowd cheered each time one of the Fun Police reached up and failed to catch the latex doll.

Last night, the kitchen designer and I had every intention of getting up at 2 in the morning to watch Manchester United v Chelsea, and after a few more beers in the hotel bar and a visit to the local Indian curry house we retired early to bed.
When the alarm went at about 1.20 we both looked at each other and it was a mutual agreement that we should remain in our pits. We could have walked to the Union Jack bar to see the game, but we must conserve our energy to support England on the final day.

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